Monday, November 22, 2010

Spotlight On Wonder Woman's Mod Fashion,Mary Quant In The 1960's & Nananananana..Batman Themed 60's Garage Bands!

                  So I thought I would Spotlight Little Gems Of Comic Book History
                                                    The Fashion!

                                       An Era The Amazon Princess
                                      Had Her "First" Costume Change
                             (Side Note I Would Wear All Of These Clothes)   =)
                                          Written By Denny O'Neil
                                   Written and Pencilled By Mike Sekowsky
                                          Inked By Dick Giordano
                                               "Wonder Woman"
                                    Created By William Moultan Marston
                                              "The Lasso Of Truth" Creator,
                                Also Invented "Polygraph/Lie Detector Test"

                                      When Wonder Woman Went Mod!
                                             In One Of The Panel's
                              The Gal Helping Diana With Her New Mini Skirt
                                              That Says To Her...

                                         "Could Be A Tot SHORTER Missy."
                                               Kinda Looks Like 60's
                                             Fashion Designer Trail Blazer.
                                                  "Mary Quant"
                                                    ....And Diana's Reply
                                              "I Hadn't Realized Mini-Skirts Are
                                             Getting So Very,VERY Mini!"

I Love All Her Outfits In This Series.
                                       These Covers And Splash Pages
                                                      Look Like
                                                    Emma Peel,
                                                                Modesty Blaise
                                                                              And Diana...
                                       ....All Went Shopping Together.......Loooove,Love.=)

Why I Dig it..
She Is Kicking Alot Of Ass
And Still Looking Awesome 
As She Punches 
The Baddies In The Face!
                                         Looking Up Stuff I Came Across
                                                A Couple of Dresses
                                         These Are Awesome Custom Made....
                                           ....And This Dress Is Called
                                  "Wonder Woman And The Superfriends"
                                               Designed By B.Oatmeal
                                                     This Is Another Dress
                                              Made By Mode Merr....
                                                 So Cool!
                                          Yep.. I Would Wear These Dresses
                                             With These Shoes...
                                                       Cause They Showed Up
                                                    On My Image Search......
                                       ......After looking At Them For Awhile.
                               I Can See Diana Wearing Them..=)
                             Now On To One Of My Favorite 1960's Designers
                                          A Lady Who's Designs Where
                                            Anything But Quiant!
                                   Her Designs Remind Of Something
                                                  You Would See
                                         In Comic Books Or Cartoons.
                                        Whimsical,Space Age,Sleek,
                                                Simple,Pop Art,Colorful
                                                   And Awesome!
                                      I Also Would Wear All This Gear.=)
                                                    " Mary Quant"
           The Decade Of Mary Quant One Of The Most Prolific Designers of the 60's
                                 She Popularized The Mod and Chelsea Girl Look
                                      And The Vidal Sasson 5 Point Bob Hairdo.
She Also Popularized
"The Mini Skirt"
                                                            With Her Designs.....
 Music:Mini Mini Mini-Jacques Dutronc

 ....Hot Pants,Fashion Tights
                                ....Plastic PVC Raincoats Made Available To The Masses.
                                        And Go Go Boots! (I want these) Gah!
Quant By Quant 
An Autobiography Of Mary Quant's Life 
Written By Her.
Published By Putnam 1966
In 2009 The Royal Mail Launched The "British Design Classic" Stamps
Featuring Famous Items By Creative Brits From Concorde To The
Routemaster Bus To The Mini Skirt!
Mary Quant is Credited with Creating The "Mini Skirt"
On The Stamp Is Featured 
One Of Her Favourite Designs,
The Banana Split Dress
 Bob Kane Creator Of Batman and Published By DC Comics
Batman In The 1960's Was Turned Into An 
American Television Series
Starring Adam West As Batman 
Burt Ward As Robin
It Aired From January 12,1966 To March 4,1968
With 120 episodes.

And In These Episodes Along With The Rogues Gallery 
Appeared A Variety Of Guest Apperances From Movie Stars
And Bands!
Internationally Known As
The Green Haired Band 
That Played On 27 Episodes 
On The Batman T.V Show

And Thus Was Born
"Batman Themed" 
Songs and Bands Inspired 
By Batman!
The Gotham City Crime Fighters 
Recorded The Song
"Who Stole The Batmobile"
And Dressed The Part!
Robin & The Batmen 
From Wisconsin

The Batmen

Battman & The Robbins

After Looking Up Stuff On The Web
I Found This Site
 For More Awesome Pictures of Bands and Records,
 Inspired By The Bat!

                                            There are Singles and Lp's
That Were Made And Pressed
From Many More Bands
(((Which Now I Want To Hear!)))
I Wanna Know What These Songs
Sound Like With These
Amazing Titles!
 Gotham City Teens "(Holy Holy) Ravioli"/"Ravioli"(RMT,GT 1000,1966)
Gate Wesley&Band-"Do The Batman"(Atlantic1966)
Cartoons-"Batusi"/"Big Bad Batusi"(Tuba,1966)    
Sun Ra-"Im Gonna Unmask The Batman"/"The Perfect Man"(Saturn)
Madd,Inc.-"Batman/"Batman A-Go-Go"(Ikon Demos1966)
?-"Here Comes The Batmobile"/The Battiest Car Around"(Batman Record97)
Here Is A Video Of The Single
Burt Ward-"Boy Wonder I Love You"-(MGM1966)
Written and Produced
By Frank Zappa

And Who Could Forget The Dance
Inspired By The Bats,

Drawn By
"Solo" Comic Book Mini Series
Published By DC Comics