Friday, November 19, 2010

Friendly Comic Book Shop Spotlights Awesome Readin'

I Will Be Traveling To Comic Book Shops Across The Land,And The Kindly Folks There Will Share With You A World Of Awesome!
Visit Their Websites
Or Go To Your Local Comic Book Shop And Ask For It.=)

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Seth Fisher
A Comic Book Artist With One of The Most
Unique Storytelling Styles In The Comic Book Industry.
He First Gained Attention For His Work On "Dc Comics Green Lantern:Willworld"
Nominated For An "Eisner Award" for "Best Penciller/Inker."
He Passed Away As A Result From Injuries He Suffered From A Fall From 
A Seventh Story Roof In Osaka,Japan.

                          Visit The World Of Seth Fisher At His Official Site 
                                             Maintained By His Family
                                           Click Here > Seth Fisher
                                              July 1972-January 2006 
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  1. Holy Cow I have never heard of Seth Fisher Before,Just went to His Site...Wow!
    Brilliant Stuff! Also Its Always Great To Hear Gals Talk About Awesome Comic Books! She has Excellent Taste!