Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spotlight on Scott Morse,Doug TenNapel & Henchmen #21,#24 Action Figures

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For More Info On Scott Morse Visit
Click Here > Scott Morse 

For More Info On Ad House Publishing
Click Here > Ad House Books
For More Info On IDW Comics Visit Their Site
Click Here > IDW Comics

For More Info On Doug TenNapel Visit His Site
Click Here > Doug TenNapel 
For More Info On Image Comics Visit Their Site
Click Here > Image Comics

Click Here > Scholastic/Graphix For More Info On
Very Awesome "All Ages" Graphic Novels!
By A Ton Of Comic Book Creators! =)

For More Info On The Henchmen Action Figures
Click Here > Bif Bang Pow

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                      Music: Yo Sigo Aqui-Carla Morrison


  1. Yay! ToOotally Good stuff!
    If you are a fan of Earthworm Jim...
    You will love His Books!=)
    His And Scotts Storytelling pure Magic=)