Monday, September 13, 2010

Spotlight on Jim Rugg,Becky Cloonan,Dunnys & Venture Bros.=)

For more info on these fine folks and awesome toys visit their sites

Visit Jim Rugg's site

Wiki writer Brian Maruca

Visit writer for Plain Jane's Cecil Castellucci site

Visit Slave Labor Graphic site

Visit Adhouse books site

Visit DC Comics Minx line ask for it at your local Comic Book shop

Visit Becky Cloonan's site

Wiki the artist Vasilis Lolos

Visit Vertigo Comics site

Visit writer for Demo Bryan Wood's site

Visit Kidrobot for more info on Dunnys 2010 collection
(Now available at comic book shops)

For more info on Venture Brothers Action Figures visit
(Now available at Comic Book shops)

This a video trailer from Adhouse books with Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca latest story,Ask Your local Comic Book Shop for it!

Music: Legionaire-Altered Images

1 comment:

  1. Holy S#%T!!!
    I have been searching for the name of Street Angel and American Virgin!!!! How did you get in my brain wave!
    So cool
    Two of my favorite artist!
    We (Me and my boyfriend) Really like this blog thing you are doing.=)
    --Tamara and Sam