Sunday, September 5, 2010

Comic Books,Fall Fashion a.k.a Fashion segment 2

Ahhhh....The end of summer....Brings cooler weather and layers and layers of clothing.
This little segment is part of my love of Comic Books,Fantastic storytelling and amazing art...
and from that amazing art

Comes the clothes and hair...
From the Capes and Spandex,To Diana's accessories,
To Bleu L.Finnegan and Clover Connelly outfits.......I love them all!

Every time a THB or some Paul Pope art pops up....After I read and my eyes devour every panel or screen print poster he has made...I am left always wanting those outfits he has drawn or wanting to go to this world he has created......and his collab with DKNY a few years back,Still has me in awe....

HR Watson
Lives on Mars
Has a purple bodyguard called THB

Long flowing illuimated flowing locks under the disco ball.
Sings songs and watches you dance to them,Right before she kicks your ass.

Alison Blaire
Alter Ego-Dazzler

Wonder Woman's latest outfit...My favorite review came from Tom and Lorenzo, the duo behind the awesome Project Rungay- “She kind of looks like she’s on her way to yoga class. In Vanilla Ice’s old jacket. That sound you hear is the wail of drag queens the world over, all of whom wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing.”

This will always be my favorite outfit...N'uff said.

Diana Prince
Alter Ego-Wonder Woman
and who doesn't love sleek shiny black and a few stolen diamonds to go with those googles?

Selina Kyle
Alter Ego-Catwoman

Which brings me to the new Max Tan Fall 2010 collection..Visit his website

When I look at this collection,I think of Selina Kyle taking a night off and relaxing in these outfits...Maybe going on a date with Mr.Wayne....Or dancing and drinking with the gals.
Either way..Siiiigh..I want all this collection.

"One" of my favorites...She has probably the most sensible outfits for a battle...
(Its the shoes)...Yep

Jennifer Walters
Alter Ego-She Hulk.

To "One" of the cutest pixie cuts on the panels.
((Catwoman and Dazzler use to have one too))

Janet Van Dyne-Pym
Alter Ego-The Wasp

To another cosmic force with supernova's and starry stuff all over that beautiful mane and outfit of hers.

Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy
Alter Ego-Donna Troy
Donna Troy, remembering all her past incarnations. Art by José Luis García-Lópezand George Pérez, from The Return of Donna Troy #4.

To barely there outfit and thigh high boots. @__@

What keeps me in awe with her.

Its always that firey red and orange hair...(Literally!)

Alter Ego- Starfire
There is so much MORE...This only a small sand grain in the comic book world,
I have only spotlighted......Just a tiny bit. =)

Visit your Local Comic Book Shop there is LOTS of awesome storytelling and amazing art out on the shelves.

Need to know where your nearest local comic book shop is?

Visit and type in your zipcode.

or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK


  1. Is there, like, an official
    "Dress Like a Superheroine" Day?
    If not, can we get one started?
    The world demands it. :)
    And I'm not just saying that
    because I think superladies are cute.
    (Well, not "just" because of that...) ;)

    That said, great blogging as always!

    -- Mighty Movie Matt Man

  2. YES!!! I love this!!! I agree with you on She hulk's outfit!!!
    Shoes are a major fighting tool..Dont get me wrong....Im sure Katie in her red boots can poke an eye out along with that red hair and bat cape...But the first time I saw Jennifer's outfit.....I thought her shoes make sense!

    This is a woman that is gonna beat your ass with no pesky interruptions of pinched heels and will fight a long battle with no soar feet!

    I agree with matt...Please have a Superheroine Day!!!

    I really enjoy your blog.=)

    --Maggie R.

  3. Great blog :)
    I love all of it! <3
    I second that dress like a Superheroine day, but there is still always Halloween XD

    -Jaci Langley