Monday, October 18, 2010

Spotlight on DC Comics 75th Anniversary & Hostess Snacks Collab.

Batman Says Cakes Make You Stronger!

Hulk Likes Moist Cakes!
A Flea Trying To Eat A Flea Market!
Captain Marvel Saves The Day With Twinkies!
Green Arrow's Sweet Tooth Always On Target!

I Love Her Hair....
Sooo Big And Flowy!

Note To Self.....
Stopping Toothy Baddies...
Aim And Throw A Saucer Full Of Yummy Fruit Pies!
Trap By Your Own Great Taste,Mink Maruder!
Who Knew She Had Such A Sweet Tooth For Chocolaty Cup Cakes!
This should be Dazzler & Hulk......
How Awesome He Tore Up The Street And Stopped The Disco baddies?!
Then ate a Fruit pie with the kids!
One Of My Favs!
"Its A Snap,Sugar! They'll Be So Dazzled By Our Dancing,They'll Never Notice Our Nimble Fingers Removing Their Valuables!"

That Is Until Batgirl Throws Yummy Desserts To Your Skinny Asses!

Hee Hee....
Plastic Man Rules!
N'uff said.
Wonder Woman And Cup Cakes
"The Maltese Cup Cake"
Pie Appeal!
Twinkies And KELP!
Daredevil Vs. Johnny Punk!
Another Fav Of Mine Fruit Pies,
Super Hero and Punk Rockers
Always Awsome!
Cup Cakes Save The Day!
This Super Hostess Cake Spotlight Got A Thumbs Up From
The Batman!

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Music: The Music of J.G. Thirlwell,Vol. 1 (Original Venture Bros. Soundtrack)

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  1. That batman is handsome as FUCK! He can save me ANYTIME!