Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comic Book Bed & Breakfast... Ciao Bella!

As Many Things Come Along...
Sometimes I Come Across Simple Neato Gataways ..
That Peak My Spidey Senses Luring Me And Fellow Comic Book Enthusiasts To Visit...

Like This AMAZING Bed and Breakfast!
Located In Scenic Italy!!!
Villa Comics Bed And Breakfast 
Is Located  Near Gulf of Policastro - Cilento

Lets Start The Photos From The Outside.....

NOW Photos From The Inside....There Are 5 Lovely Rooms

Villa Comics Exclusive Theme Entirely Dedicated To Comic Books,
Located Only A few Steps From The Sea. 

Outside A Large Garden and Private Parking.
It is Less Than An Hours Drive From Maretea and Paestum Palinuro

First Up...
Click Here > Spiderman Room

Next For The Disney Fans...
Click Here > Uncle Scrooge And Donald Duck
 Click Here > Little Nemo
 Click Here > The Spirit

Click Here > Dylan Dog

And Of Course...You Cant Have A Comic Book Theme Near The Sea...
Without Corto Maltese...

For More Info On Villa Comics  Bed and Breakfast 
Click Here>  Villa Comics B&B

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