Saturday, July 31, 2010

Contest Time...Yay!

Today's contest is a wee bit easy and a tad hard....

okey dokey!

Name the character in this panel.
What series its from.
Who wrote it.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand who is the writer married to?

Answer correctly and Win a prize and I will either mail to you or you can pick it up at the shop.=)

*The Answer to last months contest was Dara and Malia from The Sword
written and drawn by The Luna Brothers
published by Image
Ask Your Local Comic Book Shop For it!

***For now I am only mailing in the US only.....Hopefully the future will be overseas....Thanks for you understanding Folks=)


  1. That's Sif, Asgardian warrior goddess. This is from Sif #1, written by Kelly Sue Deconnick, wife of Matt Fraction. Right?

  2. AWESOME!!!
    I really didnt think I would have gotten a quick answer for this months contest!

    Super stoked to announce this months "Winner's"

    Congrats to Mandy and Allan!!!

    They both answered correctly.=)

    The answers to this months contest was

    The Lady Sif,Asgardian warrior goddess
    written by Kelly Sue Deconnick
    Who is married to Matt Fraction